Plans and Limits

Updated on Jun 26, 2018

How are the PHP Executions being counted?

During each PHP Execution, a process on the server is being spawned. That process is kept alive until the PHP logic inside the executed script is being finalized and after that happens, a response to the web service is being sent along with the termination of the spawned PHP process. Each PHP Executions is being logged by the web server, and this allows for a precise calculation of the amount of PHP Executions to be retrieved from our Web Hosting Server. The amount is then presented to our customers so they can review it further and determinate whether or not their websites need to be optimized for lesser hardware resource fingerprint.

How did you come up with the acceptable usage per customer

We are constantly monitoring our customers' PHP execution frequency in our efforts to provide a stable hosting environment. Due to our efforts in keeping all resources in check, we have defined an acceptable count per shared hosting plan. Although the actual numbers will vary from month to month, 99% of our customers fall into the acceptable usage range. The range was specifically created with a buffer of over 10x the average usage to provide the best possible shared hosting experience. However, customers who fall outside the acceptable usage range are generally trying to host projects, which are well better suited on a VPS or Dedicated Server solutions which are Unmetered.

Based on the evaluation of more than 10 000 accounts per hosting plan, we have determined the following average PHP Execution usage per month:

Hosting Plan Average Usage Acceptable Usage
FastCloud 15230 300000
FastCloud Plus 47637 600000
FastCloud Extra 11828 800000

*The lsphp litespeed php binary execution available on the FastCloud Extra plan allows the spawn of a process via which multiple executions are made for a certain amount of time. As all of the PHP executions made during that time frame will be counted as 1 in your accounts' statistics, allowing for greater resource utilization.

What happens when the PHP Executions Limit is reached?

Reaching any of the limits based upon the used Web Hosting Package will cause the customer's website to malfunction. This will lead to a loss of traffic and inconvenience for the visitors. We completely understand this is not acceptable for modern and customer oriented Web Hosting Service, and for that reason, we have perfected a procedure addressing limits being reached by the websites of our Shared Web Hosting customers.

It can be best described as an early announcement procedure before the system actually takes action against user accounts that are reaching the limits.

  • If 75% or more of the Script Executions are being reached the Observer service will open a Notice type of Report providing detailed information for the closing Script Execution limit.
  • If 90% or more of the Script Executions are being reached the Observer service will open an Alert type of Report reminding the customer of the ongoing issue and the potential risk.
  • If 100% of the Script Executions are being reached the Observer service will open an Incident type of Report informing the customer that the web hosting package has reached it's potential. 72 hours after that report has been filed and if the customer does not take action, the system will update it with information that the Web Hosting Account has been temporarily put on hold due to its complete incapability of handling visitors' requests.

Of course, the customer is provided with the option of temporarily re-activate his/her web hosting account. The temporary re-activation increases the Script Execution limit per month with 20% of the total amount of Script Executions based on the used Web Hosting package until the end of the current month. This action allows the customer to gain access to the web hosting account so measures can be taken for addressing the incident.

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