Put JavaScript at bottom

Updated on Mar 13, 2019

Method Type: User (.JS)
(This means that the method is handled by the user)

Status: Must be applied by the user.


The big issue with scripts is that they do not allow parallel downloading. When a browser encounters a script it will not start downloading another file until the script is loaded. This can slow the loading speed of your pages. As JavaScript usually enhances the page after the rest of the content has loaded, there is no point in having it in the top of the page.

How "moving JavaScript to the bottom of the page" works:

To eliminate the speed bump scripts create, most of the time you can move them to the bottom of the page making them the last thing the web browser needs to download. As the web browser would have already loaded all of the images, HTML and other content the user will see the page even before the scripts have been parsed.

Moving JavaScript to the bottom of a page provides the following Advantages:

  • Page load speed increase
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