GTmetrix Tutorial

GTmetrix is one of the most popular sites when it comes to analizing web pages for possible optimization. The use of two different Score Scales provides diversity in the analized content and the rules behind it. The scores you will receive in PageSpeed and YSlow categories are based on rules that are generalized and may not apply to your content.

To make sure that even if you have (F) 0% grade on a parameter analized by GTmetrix your content is as optimized as it can be, we have created this guide. In it you will find detailed explanations of the most looked up parameters covered by the site, if they are user or server dependant, or completely out of your control. It is important to note that not always you will be able to optimize content that is reported as unoptimized.

Sometimes your content structure or the resources you use will not allow you to change them in a way that will give you a better score on GTmetrix and this is something that should not worry you.

Note that all FastComet Hosting Plans have the most important server based optimizations enabled by default to make sure we provide the best user experience.

In most GTmetrix sections covered by this guide we will also provide you with a link to that specific section in our Website Optimization tutorial which will feature ways of dealing with the issues and tools to help you on your quest to Optimization.

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