Disk Usage Tutorial

As we have mentioned in our previous optimization tutorials, there are 3 resources which are connected. Increasing the usage of one of them will also increase the usage in the other 2 left. We are talking about the Disk/Bandwidth/Inode trio. As we have already covered Bandwidth and Inodes, in this tutorial we will talk about Disk Usage and how to keep a healthy hosting environment by maintaining your hosting account's disk usage optimized.

But first, what is disk usage and why is there a limit on your account's disk space?

The term "Disk Usage" can be defined by all files, folders, and emails taking space on your hosting account. As disk space is a finite resource and disk usage is directly connected with bandwidth generation, disk space has to be capped to avoid hosting unusually large or too many files. This can slow down your web hosting package when those files are being accessed or downloaded. The backup service which we offer for free could also be significantly slowed down or even impossible to maintain if excessive disk space was used.

Furthermore, our disk space quotas have been created with the industrials standards and the average resource usage of thousands of shared hosting accounts in mind. Meaning that if you need extra space in order to maintain the same website which you have been growing on your FastCloud Plus Plan for a year now, you will also have increased needs for other resources from that plan which you have outgrown. The natural outcome in such cases is to increase the resources in order to accommodate the increased traffic and content which can be done via upgrading to a higher shared hosting plan or VPS/Dedicated Server solution.

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