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Why is my website inaccessible after pointing my domain to your name servers

Updated on Oct 13, 2021

The quickest answer to this question is Propagation. When your website’s address is entered into a browser, the computer requests the IP address of the server where your website is from your local ISP (Internet Server Providers) DNS records. If the site is not listed in the records it queries the registrars to find out who the DNS SOA (Start Of Authority) is for your website.

If you’re using your registrar’s name server as your SOA, it looks up the “A” record for your domain and returns the IP address of the server. If you are using our name servers, the registrar points the browser to our DNS servers to determine the IP address for your domain name. From there the request is sent to the server where the domain is hosted and then provides the browser with your website.

To speed the loading of websites, each ISP caches a copy of DNS records for a period of time. This means that they make their own copy of the registrars master DNS records, and reads from them locally instead of making a direct request to the domain registrar every time a request for your site is made. This speeds up web surfing quite a bit by:

  • Decreasing the return time it takes for a web browser to request a domain lookup and get an answer
  • Reducing the amount of traffic on the web

You need to allow up to 24 hours until your domain name propagates fully on your end. This is an automated process that does not depend on us, so we cannot speed it up for you. However, once your domain propagates fully, you will be able to access your website without further delays.

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