How to Transfer your Email Accounts

Updated on Jun 11, 2019

If you are switching your hosting provider, then most probably you would like to have your emails transferred as well. When moving between cPanel-based hosting providers you can take advantage of the full cPanel backup feature to migrate all of your settings.

However, in case your previous host is not a cPanel-based or the cPanel backup feature is not available for some reason the automatic migration of your emails will not be possible.

If you have some important emails that you really need to transfer over, there is a workaround to manually transfer your messages following the steps below:

1) Download and install any email client such as Thunderbird or Outlook

2) Configure your email account with your current host using their IMAP and SMTP settings.

3) Login to your cPanel and create the same email account under your new hosting account. You may perform this following our tutorial on How to create Email Accounts in cPanel.

4) Configure the email account created via cPanel into your email client using the following details:

  • SMTP server - your cPanel account IP address
  • IMAP server - your cPanel account IP address
  • Username - your email account full name ex:
  • Password - the password for your email account you set during the creation process in your cPanel
  • SMTP port - 25
  • IMAP port - 143
  • TLS/SSL support - Disabled

5) Now you should have both your real email account and the new one configured on your email client. To proceed with migration you can select all of your messages from your real account and simply drag and drop them under your newly created email account. Using this method your email client will actually copy all messages from your current host to your new cPanel email account.

For more information on "How to Configure an Email Client" you may check our tutorial.

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