How to Set Custom Joomla Maintenance Page

Updated on Aug 6, 2021

The maintenance page of your Joomla application will allow you to perform a large variety of administrative activities while your website displays a custom page to your users and not its actual content. This will prevent any errors displayed on your website to be shown to the users accessing the same.

First and most importantly you will need to create the custom maintenance page. For this purpose, you might want to contact a professional web designer or to find and download any suitable .html template from around the Web. Please ensure that the name of the file will be offline.php once you finish with its customization.

Once you are ready preparing the template file on your local computer, you should upload the same to the correct location on your Joomla installation.Pleaseaccess the directory where Joomlais installedand from thereyou will need to locate the templates directory. Right into the same you should find the system directory. The complete path should be:

<Joomla installation directory>/templates/system/

Whenyou are in the correctdirectory please upload your custom template file offline.php. Now you are ready to set your Joomla based website in maintenance mode with custom maintenance page.

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