How to Set Automatic Payments

Updated on Aug 6, 2021

Automatic payments are a good way to make sure that you can go on a vacation and let your services here renew without any actions needed, or you just don’t want to be bothered with that each month. 

We are currently offering two types of payment methods:

1. Credit Card - in that case, it is quite easy actually. You just add a Credit Card on file in the below place: 


> Billing

> Manage Credit Card

> Add your card 

When that is done, we will have your Card stored on file and can utilize it for your monthly/annual automatic payments. We also have to make sure that your hosting plan is set to use your card, as explained below: 


> Products

> My Products (Locate the product this is regarding) 

> View Details, View Details

Under the Info section, there is the Payment Method Category, where you can see if it is set to use your Card or PayPal. If it says PayPal in there, please contact us by creating a support ticket in the Billing department and request that to be changed to Credit Card. 

If it says Credit Card, then you are all set and should not worry about it anymore. If the Card has sufficient amount of funds in it, the automatic renewal will happen successfully. 

2. PayPal

If you want your plan to be automatically renewed each term with PayPal, you will have to set a subscription for it. 

The first option to do that is the easiest one - within your Invoice. If your default payment method is PayPal (see above), then the Invoice will be providing you with the option to either directly pay it, or rather set a subscription, so it is paid automatically each month. That option can be seen on the top right corner of the Invoice. When you click on the Subscription Orange Button and process the payment, all is set and there is nothing else to be done. 

The second option, if you do not have an Invoice available, would be to use one of your old Transaction ID’s for the same service, so you can log in to your PayPal account and set the subscription manually. A PayPal transaction ID can be seen on the bottom of each PP paid Invoice. 

For further information regarding this matter, you can always contact us by raising a support ticket in the Billing department. 

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