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Updated on May 16, 2023

We fully support Magento with our hosting plans. It is one of the most widely recognized eCommerce platforms today, providing a perfect solution for both beginners and tech-savvy web developers to build, maintain, and scale their online merchant business. Thanks to its long and dynamic history of development, large pro-active community, and thousands of active websites, Magento combines a full set of features and functionality to support online stores of any size.

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Reasons to Choose Magento

As a terrific option for building your own online store from scratch, Magento has grown to be a very popular platform for eCommerce store development. It quickly gains popularity because it offers everything you need for an online business. Since you won't utilize them all, it actually contains more features and functions than you'll ever need.

The platform's users contend that it is now the most potent platform for creating online stores. An e-commerce store must be built from the ground up, which is labor intensive. Many various features need to be developed and tested, but Magento has all of them ready to go. Some of the benefits of using Magento are listed below.

Magento Offers a High Level of Flexibility

You might decide to expand into different items or altogether alter your business niche for a variety of reasons. Due to its flexibility, Magento will give you the necessary room for modification. It is simple to alter and change.

With some other platforms, you might have to totally redesign your website or create a new website from scratch. Your Magento-based company website only needs a few minor tweaks.

Magento is Free

The fact that the open-source version of the software is totally free is another significant benefit of building your website on the Magento platform. You can therefore personalize your website to your preferences regardless of the size of your organization.

Magento Promotes SEO

A specific component of the platform is employed to support search engine optimization. The feature is known as "Magento SEO." This feature promotes search engine optimization by managing duplicate landing pages, indexing, page traffic, and content.

This makes it easier for search engine bots or spiders to crawl Magento-based websites for valuable information. This will also make your brand appear higher up in search engine rankings. In case you don't understand the advantage of SEO, here is a brief explanation of it.

Do you notice that search engines return more than 100 pages for each search term? So, if your website is returned on a page after the fifth, it is no better than if it is not returned at all.

When your rank is high, your website will appear among the top few pages retrieved. However, it is not so simple. It was easy few years ago, but now that many businesses are aware of the benefits of SEO services, it is much more challenging. More effort will be required to see results.

Magento is Easy to Use

Magento is relatively simple to use for website creators. This is why it is described as developer-friendly by many users. They can simply change or modify the material on the pages of their website, as well as build and delete web pages. With Magento, page linking and navigation are both quite simple. It is safe to say that using Magento saves developers a substantial amount of time.

Because Magento is written in PHP, adding new codes to create more efficient solutions is a breeze. As a result, Magento gives business owners and web developers scalability.

Easy Management of Multiple Stores

Managing many stores from a single administrative panel was previously time-consuming and challenging. Magento has made this quite simple. Furthermore, it has made it simple for anyone to operate an online business 24 hours a day, seven days a week. If you do not want to manage all of your stores through a single administration panel, Magento has made it very simple to set up each store with its own administrative panel.

Magento Also Offers Marketing Tools

Magento has a number of tools that make marketing a breeze. It aids in the collection of versatile coupons and even encourages private sales and multi-tier pricing. Furthermore, there are numerous landing page tools available for use in marketing campaigns. These are just a few of the marketing tools available on the platform.

Plenty of Shared Knowledge About Magento

The Magento community is comprised of business owners, CEOs, developers, and others who are all intimately familiar with the platform. If you're just getting started, there's a wealth of information at your fingertips. There are people who share tips and tricks, as well as forums where you can troubleshoot issues with your site.

Magento Makes Both Carting and Checking out Easy

Magento's shopping cart development tool is extremely user-friendly. Developers can easily experiment with all of the different features and options this way. Even customers find it simple to grasp. Most importantly, Magento-powered websites are typically compatible with a wide range of payment gateway options. This ensures that your customers have a pleasant payment experience because they have a variety of payment options to choose from.

Security is One of Magento's Key Features

The current global rate of online fraud and identity theft is cause for concern. In fact, it appears that one out of every three customers will defraud you if the opportunity arises. No organization takes its system security and safety lightly, and Magento is no exception. Third-party access is prohibited to all of your records on Magento servers.

Magento Sites are Mobile-friendly

It is no longer news that the internet is accessed more via mobile devices these days, and the trend is not likely to change anytime soon. Any website that is not mobile-friendly is a dead website waiting to be buried. This is another trump card for Magento, as its websites are automatically optimized for mobile devices.

Why not try the platform to develop your next eCommerce website and see what you have been missing out on?

Benefits of Using FastComet

If your Magento website is your passion, business, or just a personal hobby, we want you to succeed and grow. We made our hosting platforms so you can stay focused on what is essential while we manage everything else for you.


Only Magento version 2.3 or older can be used on our FastCloud Shared Hosting services. Magento 2.4 has additional requirements (Elasticsearch and Redis), which are not present on our Shared Hosting servers. A private VPS or Dedicated Server is required to host a Magento 2.4 website with us.

Below are the systems and benefits we offer for all our hosting services:

  • FastGuard Magento Security. Servers protected by FastGuard learn from each attack and inform each other about malicious activities. This result is a global defense network that counteracts botnet attacks and exploits with a shield of protection for all Magento websites while also improving performance.
  • Out-of-the-box Magento Optimization. FastCloud includes an Out-of-the-box Magento Speed optimization with an extra layer of performance enhancement available with the RocketBooster Magento Optimization based on the LiteSpeed and LSPHP  technology.
  • Better support for your Magento website. Some may say it's easy to build a Magento website just to hook you up, but we know it can be a complicated task, and you might need more than a helpdesk for your hosting service. Instead of a general customer service team, we have actual Magento experts ready to assist you 24/7.
  • Resource monitoring that actually matters. No more abuse cases or sudden account suspensions. With Observer Monitoring, you can reduce costs, remove performance bottlenecks, and maintain your hosting account with ease. And in case any issue arises, our expert Magento Support Team will proactively give you a call and help you resolve it, instead of just suspending your account.
  • Free Domain Transfer. Quick and easy - no transfer fee. We will renew your domain for one year free of charge.
  • FastComet SSD Only-Cloud. Up to 300% faster access to your files and databases compared to non-SSD hosting providers!
  • Free Cloudflare CDN. Distribute your content around the world so it's closer to your visitors (speeding up your site).
  • Powered by cPanel. The most popular and powerful web hosting control panel for easy point-and-click management of your hosting account.
  • Daily and Weekly Backups. Free daily and weekly backups of your data to keep you safe. When others charge for this, we don't!
  • Free Managed Migrations. Our migration experts provide fast-managed transfers on all plans, including moving all your files, databases, and emails.
  • 100% Satisfaction or Money Back Guarantee. 45 days money-back guarantee for Cloud Shared Hosting and 7 days for VPS/DS Servers.

We also have a helpful step-by-step tutorial on Magento. Feel free to check it, and if you have any questions about our hosting packages, you can come by LiveChat to get your answers.

SSL Certificates with FastComet

As a FastComet client, there are a total of four SSL Certificates you can choose from:

  • Lets Encrypt SSL Certificates;
  • AutoSSL Certificates;
  • Cloudflare Universal SSL Certificate;
  • Comodo PositiveSSL (purchasable, or free for a year with FastCloud Extra);

Let's Encrypt SSL Certificates

Today, there are numerous free SSL Certificate options available on the internet. The Let's Encrypt initiative-an open collaboration between a number of global organizations dedicated to creating a more secure and privacy-respecting web by issuing digital certificates required for sites to secure their network traffic-is the most popular option for free SSL. Let's Encrypt certificates are used by millions of businesses, nonprofits, and government agencies around the world to establish a secure connection with Web users.

All major browsers and devices recognize the Let's Encrypt SSL certificate. Visitors will notice that their personal information, such as credit cards or email addresses, is properly encrypted.

Since the beginning, our team has been paying close attention to the Let's Encrypt initiative. It is hardwired into our values to provide cutting-edge technological innovations and high-quality assistance to our customers, and we are extremely proud to be a part of the massive Let's Encrypt community.

SSL configuration is a breeze with our Let's Encrypt integration. Before proceeding, ensure that your domain is pointed to FastComet. Furthermore, the FastComet team has created a step-by-step tutorial for installing a free Let's Encrypt certificate.

FastComet's free SSL certificates (Let's Encrypt) are automatically renewed every 90 days.

Let's Encrypt added the ability to generate wildcard certificates for domains such as * in 2018. FastComet was among the first to support their ACME2 (Automated Certificate Management Environment) protocol, which allows users to obtain free wildcard certificates. To put it another way, if you had a wildcard certificate for the domain *, you could use it for,,, and any other subdomains.

AutoSSL Certificates

AutoSSL was developed by the folks behind cPanle and WHM (the foundations of our hosting services). They wanted an SSL service that seamlessly integrated with their products, so they created their own! AutoSSL automatically secures all websites in your cPanel account with a free and reliable SSL Certificate. 

The certifciates will always renew automatically before they expire, so you do not need to worry about your websites ever losing SSL coverage, or appearing as insecure.

Cloudflare Universal SSL Certificate

Cloudflare allows any Internet property to become HTTPS-enabled with the click of a button. There are two different arrangements for loading a site over HTTPS: flexible or Full (or Full strict):

  • Flexible allows an HTTP (unencrypted) connection between Cloudflare and the FastComet servers and does not require an SSL certificate.
  • Full requires an HTTPS (encrypted) connection between Cloudflare and the FastComet servers.

We suggest you use one of the Full settings to ensure a secure connection throughout. The Flexible SSL option establishes a secure HTTPS connection between your visitor and Cloudflare but requires Cloudflare to connect to your origin web server via unencrypted HTTP. While it can also work, it can sometimes cause the Too Many Redirects error in your browser.


We always recommend issuing an SSL certificate from the server which is hosting your website, and not via CloudFlare. This way, your website and its SSL certificate will reside on the same server. It takes a few more clicks than CloudFlare's method, but the connection will be more secure and any possible errors will be avoided this way.

Comodo Private SSL

With FastComet, you can also get a Comodo Private SSL for free for one year, if you are using our FastCloud Extra hosting plan. The SSL is personal and unique to your domain. It will cover all subfolders, allowing you to configure it safely on your website.

Simply submit a ticket to our Technical Support team via your Client Area to request the installation of the Comodo PositiveSSL certificate. Please keep in mind that all of our shared hosting servers are running the most recent cPanel release. It supports SNI (Server Name Indicator), which means you no longer need a dedicated IP address on your account for the SSL certificate to work. When you request the installation, our technical support team will complete it for you, and your website will not be down.

Final Words

Magento can be a great choice, especially when combined with the FastComet hosting services. So, in case you're not already our client, you can be sure that choosing us could be one of the best decisions of your life. Feel free to contact our Customer Success team and ask for any details you need to know about our services. You can do that via Live Chat at any time. We work 24/7 to ensure the success of all our clients’ projects.

We hope you find this article useful. Discover more about FastCloud Magento Hosting - the top-rated Hosting Solutions for personal and small business websites in four consecutive years by the HostAdvice Community!

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