Welcome to São Paulo, Managed SSD Hosting in the City of Rain

The most populated city outside of Asia, and the fourth largest in the world, São Paulo is a melting pot of cultures and peoples. We are proud to call it our stepping stone in South America, so we can provide world-class hosting services to the continent.

South America

Sao Paulo (BR)

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January 2024


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Hosting Excellence in South America

Our entry in the South American hosting market, São Paulo is an irreplaceable location on the continent. Not only because of its geographical location and cultural significance, but also because it marks a huge chapter in our journey. The journey that has taken us across the globe in a quest to provide the best hosting service. The same way São Paulo is the city that never stops, we will be the company that does not cease to offer premium hosting opportunities to the South American continent.

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What Our Datacenters Offer

Power redundancy, solid security and geographical proximity for your projects around the world


Security is one of the major pillars of our company! We use a combination of widely recognized security software and excellent proprietary technology. That way, we boast enterprise-level access control, constant monitoring, and a complex network of security systems.


It is easy to talk about how good a service is. However, we also have the certifications to prove that we provide a service of world-class quality. We renew and update them as often as necessary to ensure that we do not fall behind.

Power Redundancy

Power redundancy requires careful planning and implementation. We have done our due diligence to ensure that none of our data centers around the globe ever cease to function. That way, we can ensure maximum uptime.

Geographical Proximity

Our data centers are strategically located on five different continents. That ensures closer geographical proximity to our customers and greater performance. This placement ensures that we can provide our world-class services to our customers on a local level.

Max Power Load

Our servers have a capacity of 150+ Gbps, and 10+ Gbps between network layers. That allows us to provide a fully scalable and reliable solution for your websites. As your website grows, we are able to offer more and more headspace for it.

Strategic Locations

A data center closer to your visitors will result in better loading times for your website. Faster website means happier visitors. With our locations, you can be anywhere in the world and still offer a great user experience to people far away from you. Don’t compromise!


Every single detail in our data centers is carefully planned and implemented. Each service or feature we have chosen to utilize serves a singular purpose: to provide the best performance, efficiency, and stability. There is nothing unnecessary.

Physical Security

Cyber security is half of the security coin. All our physical locations have active 24/7/365 security. Trained guards, limited access, and CCTV all work together to ensure that our servers are undisturbed and that only authorized personnel can get to them.

Hosting Plans

Find the right Cloud for you

FastCloud Hosting

FastCloud Shared Hosting

The top-rated Hosting Solutions for personal and small business websites - the perfect balance between cost and performance.

Virtual Private Cloud Server

Virtual Private Cloud Server

Fully managed SSD Cloud VPS hosting solution with priority 24/7/365 Technical Support to make your site blazingly fast.

Dedicated CPU Server

Dedicated CPU Server

Raw power and completely customizable environment with dedicated CPU for resource-demanding projects.

FastComet Reviews

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Review by Andrea Belfi for FastComet
Andrea Belfi


The technical service was simply great and fast. I thought it was crazy when the customer service answered on the chat me instantly!
Review by Jonas Pranio for FastComet
Jonas Pranio


I took advantage of your support and I must say, it is the perfect one. Honestly, you are particularly good for small and big websites!
Review by Emily Schneller for FastComet
Emily Schneller
FastComet never made me feel silly for asking questions and provided great resources to help me understand how to attract more people to my site.
Review by Jaroslav Vracovsky for FastComet
Jaroslav Vracovsky


We are grateful for the many volunteers and donors helping us in our mission. FastComet is one of them.
Review by Caitlin Ball for FastComet
Caitlin Ball


I have been SOO happy with FastComet. I am totally tech-unsavvy and the customer service that FastComet provides far exceeds my past service provider.
Review by Konstantina Chilingirova for FastComet
Konstantina Chilingirova


Great service, friendly people, very clever and always helpful. Thank you, FastComet.

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