Employee Spotlight: Kristina Y. – Devoted to Success

July is almost over and that means it is time to once more shine the spotlight on one of the fantastic people working here at FastComet. Today we present to you a newer edition to our team: Kristina Y., who is a part of Customer Success. She has been an invaluable part of our team, and whether answering questions or providing the best advice possible, she will make sure you get the best experience possible with our services.

Her excellence is not the only reason why we wanted to introduce her formally. Her story since joining our team, her passion, drive and determination in the face of difficulty are what we want to share with you the most. We hope her story will inspire you to never give up and always strive to achieve your goals, no matter the obstacles in front of you. If you need a burst of inspiration today or simply wish to witness Kristina’s captivating story, read on!

What was your first day at FastComet like, Kristina?

Yes, I can recall it as if it was yesterday. Starting at FastComet was part of a new chapter in my life. I had recently moved to a new town and knew almost nobody here. When I entered the FastComet office, I felt enthusiastic and welcomed by the team. All my worries melted away, and I felt like I had made the right choice. Meeting my colleagues has been a blessing, and being part of the workflow makes me happy.

Can you tell us more about your position in FastComet?

Kristina Enjoying the View

As part of the Customer Success Team, I am happy to help our clients and provide them with the best support I can. I know from experience that great assistance really matters and can be the key to better performance, not only when it comes to hosting and domain services but to business success altogether. This is one of our team’s main goals – to be there for our clients when they need us, so we can make their online experience more pleasurable. I am happy to be part of the Customer Success Team because it also helps me to further develop my problem-solving skills and analytical thinking. Being able to communicate with different people everyday broadens my horizons and makes me more flexible in different situations.

What advice would you give someone looking to start a career in customer service?

Being able to understand clients’ needs is where it all starts. Always try to keep your positive attitude towards the situations and do not lose your patience. It is important to be empathetic to the client and put yourself in their situation. Strive to understand their point of view together with working according to the stated rules of the company. Communication is key in this profession, so always try to be as helpful as possible, and provide the customers with clear instructions and a possible solution.

What helps you most in your work, and how’s your past experience valuable in your career?

The thing that helps me most in my daily work is my attention to detail and my wish to improve constantly. I am always striving to broaden my skills palette and being part of the Customer Success improves my empathy, consideration of the other person’s needs and ability to make different decisions.

In the past I have had different roles, one of them being a KYC (Know Your Customer) analyst and dealing with AML (Anti Money Laundering). I have been trained to spot fraudsters and unnatural behavior of the clients. I believe this makes me a little bit more cautious when verifying our clients and approving their requests. However, it can be of excellent use as it helps me make the right decisions. 

What do you like to do when you aren’t working?

Kristina at the Top of the Summit

In my spare time, I love traveling and exploring new destinations. Many times hiking is a part of it. In the past year, I have seen places I have only dreamed of – lakes, peaks, huts, trails, sunrises, and sunsets. It brings me great joy to be surrounded by nature, as you may well guess. It is my way of meditation and clearing my mind from anxious thoughts and stress.

What is your most memorable hiking moment?

Clear Water Lake

This likely is part of the 20km hike I did recently. Our destination was a 2516 meters high peak in the heart of Pirin National Park. When we started our journey towards it, the weather was very cloudless and sunny. As we got to 2000 meters height, we were suddenly surrounded by thick fog and clouds, and the path was nowhere to be seen. However, since we would not give up easily, we continued on our trail using offline maps navigation. It can be really useful, especially in places where network connectivity is not good.

Dangerous Mountain Peak

After an hour and a half, we reached the top of our destination. Usually, there is a panoramic view. However, due to the fog and thick clouds, we could hardly see the turquoise lake at the bottom of the peak. We were happy with our accomplishment, however, just as we were heading back, we heard thunder. As we all know, being outside during a thunderstorm can be very dangerous. Especially on high grounds like peaks. You can imagine how fast my heart raced on our way back. We had 10 kilometers before we could reach our starting point hut. It started raining and the rocks got slippery. We had to get down as fast as we could, so it would be safer for us. Luckily, we managed to get back safe and unharmed. Next time we will check the weather forecast twice before going on a hike, that is for sure.

Beautiful Nature View

What would people be surprised to learn about you?

Candles Made by Kristina

Many people may be surprised by this fact, however, it is one of the things I am most proud of. For quite some time now, I have had a passion for making soy candles. The process brings me joy, relaxation, and a feeling of accomplishment. I strive to create the best soy wax products that are harmless to our health and well-being, using no additional chemicals or synthetic materials.

When I started this hobby, I knew I wanted to make home decorations with the purest and some of the most sustainable ingredients I could find. I chose soy wax and a pure cotton wick for my candles – a decision I have been very happy with.

Kristina Candle Assortment

One of the most interesting facts about my candle collections is that they are seasonal and change throughout the year. Currently, I am mostly making wedding guest mini candles, as it is wedding season. I love being part of the whole ritual by bringing joy to the guests.

Any advice for someone making their first website?

Support usually is of great importance when choosing the perfect hosting provider for your online presence. Compare not only prices but the attention you get when raising a question. Have a clear concept of the project you want to start, so you get the best recommendation. Having a website can be a really great hobby and business strategy, as online presence is very important nowadays. So always check thoroughly the promises you have been given about uptime, speed and performance, alongside the support.

Final Thoughts

We hope Kristina’s story and dauntlessness will inspire you to accomplish something you have been putting off. She overcame a thunderstorm on a mountain, so use that as motivation to overcome something yourself! In the meantime, we sincerely hope the summer is being kind to you, brings you a lot of pleasant surprises and happiness, and unforgettable memories.


Konstantin has been a part of the FastComet team for several years, and writing is his passion. He blends technical knowledge with a desire to educate, which is the perfect combination for creating comprehensive educational and informative articles. When not writing, he enjoys broadening his linguistic horizons with books of all genres.