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As the warmth of summer gently fades away, September makes its grand entrance, carrying with it the promise of vibrant celebrations and new beginnings. It is a time when the days begin to cool, and the leaves slowly transition into fiery shades, a prelude to the approaching autumn. It all starts with Labor Day; for many, it’s a cherished moment in our cosmic calendar. But for us, it serves like a cosmic pause button, granting us a quick respite from our bustling lives to gather under the starry night.

Picture this: a burst of creativity and culture fills the air, and street festivals come to life, bustling with colors, music, and the aroma of tantalizing cuisines worldwide. In this transformative month, as summer transitions into fall, we find ourselves at the intersection of celebration and the time when we honor our hard work and achievements while embracing the creativity and culture surrounding us. And in the midst of it all, we at FastComet proudly mark a cosmic milestone – It’s our 10th anniversary! 🚀✨

Yes, that’s right. For an entire decade, we’ve been a guiding star in the digital universe, lighting up countless dreams and businesses with the brilliance of our web hosting services. But our cosmic journey is only complete with our stellar team members. One such member is Kaloyan, a Billing Specialist, and a recent addition to our family. He has brought a wealth of professionalism and enthusiasm, making him a valuable team member.

Can you introduce yourself and tell us how you joined the FastComet team?

I am Kaloyan, and my journey of joining the Billing Team at FastComet was entirely unexpected. One day, I found myself at a crossroads in my career, yearning for change while remaining true to my professional aspirations. My heart lies in interacting with people, and the realm of customer care is where this passion truly shines. It grants me the privilege of delving into diverse lives, witnessing unique aspirations, and being a part of their realization. It’s about resolving situations that sometimes appear to be dead-ends.

One crisp morning, as I sipped my steaming coffee on the balcony, with the warmth of autumn still lingering, it struck me – ‘Today is the day.’ I reached for my phone, and it was like destiny had laid it out for me – FastComet was hiring. At that moment, I knew this was my leap of faith, a chance I had longed for. As fate would have it, I was precisely what FastComet was seeking. The rest, as they say, is history.

What is one thing you are most proud of about your work at FastComet? 

That is my unwavering determination and constant pursuit of improvement in everything I do in my life and work. Although I am relatively new to the FastComet family, I bring some years of experience. At a point in one’s career, progress seems to plateau, and challenges appear insurmountable. During these frozen moments, I find my greatest source of pride. My ambition is my ever-present companion, guiding me through the darkest times, illuminating my path, and urging me to excel in all endeavors.

This ambition has allowed me to adapt to the dynamic landscape of the hosting industry. It ensures that FastComet and every customer we serve experience nothing less than my best effort.

Kaloyan, what is your favorite thing about working at FastComet?

The world of IT is as close to magic as one can get. It’s a realm of endless, ever-evolving possibilities, forever changing and ever brighter. Labeling it as ‘the future’ would be an understatement; it’s very much our past and present, too.

I use websites and applications to connect with my fiancé, relive cherished memories captured in photographs, and share my happiest and darkest moments with friends and family in seconds. Share life. These websites cater to my daily needs, from satisfying my hunger to providing entertainment. From remedies to knowledge and experiences. All at our fingertips.

In days past, we might have called this magic. And it’s the hosting industry that makes all of this possible. FastComet has allowed me to be a part of this magic, to witness the birth of brilliant websites and applications.

What is the most challenging thing you have faced in your career, and how did you overcome it?

It was the same thing for many people. It was choosing it to be my career. Sometimes, the weight of customer care ,and just how personal it is, is underestimated. From an inside point of view, sometimes you feel like you’re helping, educating, and nurturing a crowd. Alas, it is a lot more. It lies far from the grand scale and lives in simple, detailed things and actions. 

When you’re in customer care, every issue and request becomes your own. It is a strong connection built in such a short time yet just enough to reveal a solution that makes the other person feel understood, appreciated, and, most of all – helped. It’s like embodying an ever-powerful being, carrying the answers to all. 

The real challenge was making a lifelong adventure out of this dynamic profession. Of course, the quite pausing internal debate – ‘Is this the right choice?’. It felt like standing at the cliff’s edge, wondering whether to enjoy the view or dive deeply into the sea. After some fantastic years, I’ve been a dedicated sailor.

What do you like to do when you aren’t working, Kaloyan?

Ah, the ‘second shift,’ as I like to call it because I’m an avid gamer who can lose track of time in the virtual realms. Much like in hosting, I find the creation of entire universes out of thin air utterly mesmerizing. These are worlds where characters and creatures born from someone’s imagination come to life through the magic of numbers and pixels.

Yet, I’m not just a digital explorer. I’m also an adventurer in the real world. I love to travel and witness the inspiration behind the worlds I immerse myself in when gaming. Whether hiking through nature’s grandeur, exploring fragments of history, or marvelling at the boundless creativity of the human mind, I find joy in falling in love with life over and over again.

Kaloyan Spotlight Picturesque Snowy Cliff

What’s one thing people would be surprised to learn about you, Kaloyan?

I am a full-time, fully engaged, and dedicated employee to my cat. Something I’ve heard most people leisurely say is, “A cat thinks she’s a goddess.” Well, That cat has taken it to heart. Spa days, delicious treats, new and intriguing toys. Stressing on the toys here since Her Majesty grows bored of them too quickly. And then I find myself and my fiancé begging the furry devil to please find something she likes in the pet store. Her absolute disgust at our audacity of wanting to hold her, yet you can hear the engine purring from the other room if she’s sitting, petting herself in the corner of the furniture. Of course, the fierce warrior she becomes in the face of dogs is probably thirty times her size. But she can barely land safely if she tries to jump off the couch. Yes, being a cat dad is an experience. An experience I adore with every passing moment ever since that little kitty ambushed me in the ally in the middle of the night.

Kaloyan Spotlight Cat Dad

What is one of the craziest things you have done so far?

The younger me would never believe that this would be my answer. But, laying my heart out, I must say the most insane thing I have ever done was bending the knee. Or otherwise known as “proposing“. “Insane, how?” you might ask. Picture years of long, endless, in fact, gaming nights. Crowds of boys rummaging through bars and nightclubs and coming home to a well-stocked fridge with beer and ramen noodles. 

And then under the rays of a smile, of peculiar brown eyes that strangely but perfectly match long locks of hair, all those nights, those bars, the empty fridge – well, they ceased to exist. My nights, my fridge, and my heart suddenly became full. 

In a matter of what seemed moments, my life changed. So, I met yet another cliff in my life. And I decided to jump in again—the single best choice of my life.

Kaloyan Spotlight Happy Couple

What is one piece of advice you would give to someone who is just starting in the web hosting industry?

My golden nugget of wisdom for anyone venturing into the web hosting realm is: Patience is your friend! Even the grandest of journeys begin with a single step. So, feel free to worry, to be overwhelmed or uncertain at the start. Let the ground shake beneath you, and allow yourself to enjoy it. You can and will conquer every challenge that arises.

In a field where innovations happen at a blinding speed, a focused and steady mind is the key to quickly mastering everything new. Oh, and coffee, a nice cup goes a long way! 


It’s been a pleasure delving into the experiences and perspectives of someone as passionate and dedicated as Kaloyan. We’ve journeyed through Kaloyan’s unexpected path into the FastComet family, his unwavering commitment to improvement, his boundless fascination with the IT sector; and even discovered his secret life as a dedicated cat parent. I hope you’ve enjoyed this engaging conversation as much as I did. 

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As those of you who already know us – Thank you for being a part of our journey today, and we invite you to join the festivities and explore our special promotions. Here’s to another fantastic decade of serving you with top-notch web hosting services! 

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