Employee Spotlight: Christiana & Galin – Dynamic Duo

Hey there! As February sweeps in with its blend of chilly breezes and warm, romantic vibes, it’s hard not to get swept up in the magic of this month. Full of love, new beginnings, and the vibrant celebrations of Valentine’s Day, February is truly a time when heartfelt stories take center stage. Amidst this cultural fiesta of affection, we at FastComet are excited to spotlight a unique tale from our family album – introducing Christiana and Galin, the dynamic duo of our Customer Support team.

As you know, our Employee Spotlight series is far from just a showcase of achievements; it’s about the journeys, the bonds formed along the way, and the people behind our solutions. Christiana and Galin’s story is a testament to the power of partnership in life and within the digital world of web hosting. Their adventure is about facing technical challenges together and how they weave their personal strengths, passions, and dedication into their roles, enriching our FastComet team.

This February, let’s cozy up and dive into their story. It’s a celebration of love, collaboration, and the seamless blend of personal and professional lives that makes our team unique. Join us as we unfold the inspiring journey of Christiana and Galin and discover the magic that happens when work and love come together in perfect harmony. So, without further ado.

What brought you to FastComet, and how did you decide to join our team together?

Galin: Amid the uncertainty of the pandemic, as we both embarked on our job search, the thought of finding opportunities in separate fields loomed over us. My curiosity had always gravitated towards the IT realm, and a passion ignited further by a friend’s tales from the web hosting world. It felt like fate when FastComet’s advertisement crossed our path, offering a beacon of hope and a shared venture we hadn’t dared to dream of.

Christiana and Galin FastComet

Christiana: Hearing Galin talk about web hosting enthusiastically, you’d think it was the latest blockbuster hit. My world was all about linguistics and translation, fields galaxies away from IT. Yet, here he was, convincing me to jump into this unknown universe with him. So, with a mix of curiosity and trust – mostly in Galin’s unwavering belief in us – I took that leap. And what a plot twist it turned out to be! Joining FastComet brought our paths together in ways I hadn’t imagined and showed me the adventure of embracing the unexpected.

What keeps you motivated to continue working here?

Galin: Before I joined FastComet, I had yet to learn how vast the web hosting field was and how many other spheres it intersects with. There is always something new to learn; there’s always room for progress and growth, and I find it fascinating. We also felt immediately welcomed into the team and enjoyed the working environment. We can rely on our peers if we need any help and are always ready to help clients or colleagues if they need a hand.

Christiana: I, too, enjoy assisting our clients if they feel stuck with a task or would like to learn more about a specific topic. I like the rhythm working on Live Chat sets, and it’s always satisfying to cooperate with a customer and watch the puzzle pieces of an issue click together, leading to a resolution.

Besides, as I mentioned earlier, the realm of web hosting was entirely new to me, and building my knowledge, developing new skills, and applying them in my everyday tasks has been very fulfilling to me, and seeing that progress is exceptionally motivating.

How do you support and motivate each other in your professional endeavors?

Galin: We’re a great team and complement each other in our working process. When I am working on a case, she can always chime in with an idea for troubleshooting that hadn’t occurred to me, and vice versa.

Christiana: Well, I would rather say we don’t always work in a perfect symbiosis. We tend to have differing opinions now and then regarding the exact route of investigating a particular problem – which, admittedly, can lead to bickering. But that’s the price of collaborating with someone whom you can speak to filter.

Christiana and Galin Again FastComet

What are some of your hobbies and interests?

Galin: In my free time, I enjoy playing volleyball and sketching. However, my biggest hobby has to be gaming. I especially like multiplayer games because they offer a chance to meet new people and strike up interesting conversations. One of my favorite activities after a long day at work is to gather with friends and play together. The communication aspect is what I’m looking forward to – regardless of what we’re playing. Here is my battle station.

Galin Computer Setup FastComet

Christiana: I also rotate through a few different hobbies. I love reading, I get in my gym groove from time to time, and I do scrapbooking when the inspiration hits. There’s one, however, I’ve been focused on for the past six months – over the summer, I learned how to crochet for a bet, lost the bet, but it turned out I enjoy crocheting, and then I picked up knitting too.

Christiana Knitting FastComet

I went through a crocheting summer tops phase, a stuffed toy phase, my stressed-knitting-of-Christmas-gifts-for-all-my-friends-and-relatives phase, and right now, I’m halfway through knitting my first pair of socks. There are so many things I want to make, and I don’t always have the time, which often leads me to late-night crafting sessions.

Can your hobbies tie in with your work in FastComet?

Christiana: Besides sneaking in a bit of knitting during work breaks? I notice a significant parallel between my crafting and web hosting learning journeys. I have always found both fields interesting but too intimidating to tackle – until I actively started learning more about them. When you have a genuine interest in the topic, that theoretical intimidation goes away with practice.

Crochet FastComet

The other common aspect between web hosting and fiber arts is that both fields offer endless opportunities for progress. With both, you can never lay back and say to yourself, “That’s it; there is nothing more to learn.” – the digital world constantly expands, and innovations come out in a similar way to how the fiber arts community continually comes up with new ideas and has different techniques in trend (on a much smaller scale compared to the IT world, obviously).

What do you admire most about each other personally and professionally? 

Christiana: Professionally, what I admire most about Galin is his problem-solving superpower. It’s like he has this built-in debugger for any situation, not just technical issues but life’s puzzles, too. Personally, it’s his unwavering patience. Trust me, not everyone can handle my ‘creative chaos’ as gracefully as he does. Sometimes, I think he secretly enjoys it, though he’ll never admit it. His calm in the face of my storm is something I not only admire but deeply cherish.

Galin: Christiana is onto something. I might have a slight fondness for her ‘creative chaos.’ It keeps life interesting, after all! On a professional level, her swift adaptability amazes me. She dives into challenges enthusiastically and comes out on top every time. It’s like watching a live masterclass in resilience. And personally? Her warmth and kindness? That’s my daily dose of inspiration. She’s got this incredible ability to light up a room and lift everyone’s spirits, including mine.

What advice would you give other couples considering working together?

Galin: It is not for everyone, but if it works for you and your partner, you will make an absolute dream team. So if you’re considering it, try it – at worst, you and your significant other will know what you do not like to do together, or at best, you’ll never have a dull day at work.


As we draw the curtains on this heartfelt journey through Christiana and Galin’s life at FastComet, their story leaves us with a profound appreciation for the beauty of partnership in both work and life. Their journey together, hand in hand, through the digital landscape of web hosting exemplifies how collaboration and mutual support drive success and bring joy and fulfillment.

Thank you for joining us in celebrating Christiana and Galin’s remarkable journey. Stay tuned for more tales of passion, dedication, and the unique paths that shape our team. At FastComet, we’re reminded daily that the most remarkable achievements are those shared.

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