How to install TYPO3 via Softaculous

Updated on Mar 13, 2019

This tutorial will review the installation of TYPO3 via Softaculous. The service will allow you to easily configure the application on your account with a few clicks.

To install TYPO3 via Softaculous, please follow the steps below:


Find TYPO3 in Softaculous

The first step is to access the Softaculous service on your account. We provide the automated installer for all our shared hosting customers and you can use it per your needs. To locate Softaculous, simply access your cPanel account first. Scroll down to the Software and Services section on the page and click on the Softaculous icon.

Access Softaculous via cPanel

The system will display all of the applications avaialble for a free install. They are categorized by their functionality so you can find easily what you need. In the search box on the left, simply enter TYPO3 to filter the results and click on it.

Search for TYPO3 in Softaculous

The system will display an overview of TYPO3 and what it does. You will also be able to see a live demo of the application, reviews and much more. To proceed with the installation, click on the Install button at the top.

Initiate Typo3 installation via Softaculous


Initiate the Automatic Installation

The next step of the process is for the configuration of your TYPO3 install. This will set your website per your needs, create administrative user for management, etc. The configuration of the new TYPO3 setup has three main sections. The first one is called the Software Setup and it provides the following options:

  • Choose the version - You can select the version of TYPO3 that you wish to install on your account. If you require the older release, simply select it from the drop-down box.
  • Choose Protocol - This will set the protocol for your new website. Make sure that you do not select the https protocol if you do not have a dedicated SSL certificate for your domain, installed by our team.
  • Choose Domain - You will be able to select the primary domain of your account, or any subdomains/parked or addon domains that you have on your account.
  • In Directory - If you wish to place your TYPO3 installation in a subdirectory, you can simply enter it's name here. Alternatively, leave the field blank to install the application directly on your domain.
  • Database Name - Set a name for the database that will be created for your website. The system will handle the actual creation for you.

Typo3 software setup in Softaculous

The second section is called the Site Settings and it includes a single option:

  • Site Name - Set the name of your actula website. It will be displayed at the top bar when someone is accessing your website.

Typo3 site settings in Softaculous

The final section is called the Admin Account. It will create an administrator user of your choice on your website. The user is important as it will be used to manage your new website. The available options are:

  • Admin Username - Set the username of the administrator.
  • Admin Password - Set a password for the administrator.
  • Admin Email - Set the email of the administrator.

Typo3 admin account setup in Softaculous

When you are ready with the options described above, simply hit the Install button to proceed with the actual process.

Typo3 successful installation via Softaculous

The installation of TYPO3 will take a few seconds. Upon completion, you will be presented with direct links to your homepage and the administrative area as well. Keep them safe so you can access and manage your website easily after that.

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