How to Add Content in Sitecake

Updated on Apr 21, 2016

Adding content in Sitecake is a piece of cake. The drag and drop functionality works with a multitude of different elements ranging from images and videos to tweets and locations via Google maps.

We intentionally left the blue frame of the different elements in order to show you how it will look from an editor's stand point. These lines will not be visible for your website's visitors.

To populate your website with content elements, you need to know how to:


Add an Image

To create the placeholder for an image you will have to click on the picture like icon on the Sitecake toolbar and drag it to the location you wish to have the image.

Adding an Image placeholder in Sitecake

To add a new image to your website simply click on the placeholder and select an image from your local computer.

Selecting the image for upload

You can also take an image from the internet and drag and drop it directly to your website without creating a placeholder. By double clicking times on the image you can crop it to remove any unwanted visuals.

Adding an image in Sitecake

Double click again and the crop will be applied.

Cropping an Image in Sitecake


Add a Video

Adding videos follows the same procedure as adding images, however here you will not be able to upload videos from your local computer but instead only embed them which means they already have to be uploaded somewhere (YouTube, Vimeo, etc).

Again you have two choices. To create a placeholder from the Sitecake toolbar by clicking on the video player like icon.

Adding a Video Placeholder in Sitecake

Once created click on the embed video window.

Embeding a video in Sitecake

Place the URL to the video you wish to embed.

Alternatively, you can drag and drop an entire video directly from a video streaming website and it will be embedded in your website automatically.

Video already added in Sitecake

Here you will not be able to crop but instead you can make the preview of the video bigger or smaller depending on the space you want it to occupy.


Add a Tweet

If you wish, you can add tweets directly from twitter to your website. This is good when you want to present your clients' opinions or if you tweeted something you want to share afterwards on your site.

Usually you can just grab a tweet's URL and drop it directly in your website. If you are new to tweeter and want to take an older tweet you will need to first open the additional options for that tweet and click on the Copy Link to Tweet button.

Finding the URL to a Tweet

You will be presented with the exact URL for this tweet which you can drag and drop in your website.

Copying the URL of a Tweet

We left the blue frame of the tweet in order to show you how it will look from an editor's stand point. These lines will not be visible for your website's visitors.

Embeding a Tweet in Sitecake


Add a Google Maps Location

Showing off landmarks and locations, organizing events and providing news on the spot are now easier to do with google maps inside Sitecake. You can drag and drop the URL or create placeholder for it by clicking on the map icon on the Sitecake toolbar.

Adding a placeholder for a Google Map location in Sitecake

We are going to use our address for this feature demonstration. Just open Google Maps and find the place you wish to show.

Find the location in Google Maps

Now click on the newly created placeholder, copy the URL inside and voila - the map was integrated in your website.

Adding a Google Maps location in Sitecake

You now know how to add content elements to your website with Sitecake. Congratulations.

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