How to optimize your CS-Cart e-commerce website

Updated on Oct 13, 2021

You can easily optimize your CS-Cart application in three different options which will significantly improve the loading speed of your website.

The first option is to delete the languages that you do not use on your website, you can achieve that from the administration panel -> Administration -> Languages -> Manage Languages. Afterward, delete the languages that you are not using. Please note that you should delete and not disable.

For the second optimization, we will optimize the database in order to reclaim the unused space and to defragment the data file. For achieving this optimization simply navigate to your administration panel -> Administration -> Backup/Restore. Once you are on this page click the gear wheel button on the right side and choose the Optimize Database option. After the button is pressed your database size will be decreased if possible.

The third option to optimize your CS-Cart website is to change the caching type from file to database. In order to perform this optimization, you should navigate to the root folder of your CS-Cart installation and open the config.local.php file. After the file is open and ready for editing locate the following code:

// Cache backend

// Available backends: file, sqlite, database, redis, xcache, apc

// To use sqlite cache the "sqlite3" PHP module should be installed

// To use xcache cache the "xcache" PHP module should be installed

// To use apc cache the "apc" PHP module should be installed

$config['cache_backend'] = 'file';

Note the bottom line of code:

$config['cache_backend'] = 'file';

The file should be replaced with the database. The new line of code should be the following:

$config['cache_backend'] = 'database';

Now save the performed changes on the file.

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