Domains on Sale in June!

June marks the beginning of summer, so let’s start it off with a bang! And what better way to do that than to hold some of the hottest deals for domains out there? A June Domains Sale!

To begin with ten domains will be on special offer throughout the month. We will also have exclusive deals on five additional domains during the second and third weeks of the month! If you have been thinking of purchasing a domain, now is the time! Take advantage of these limited-time bargains!

The Domains

Firstly, the ten domains with a special price for the entire month of June. Starting from June 1, 2024, you can take advantage of this domains sale, so if any of them catch your eye, don’t hesitate! The discounts are available until June 30, 2024.

FastComet .XYZ Domain Logo

A versatile and innovative choice, .XYZ is excellent for helping websites stand out. It can also be used for 3d modeling, math, and maps sites. $2.49/1st yr (79% off from $11.99).

FastComet .ORG Domain Logo

The .ORG domain is the perfect choice for any non-profit organization or any online cause looking to make a difference. $8.49/1st yr (34% off from $12.95).

FastComet .INFO Domain Logo

Without a doubt, the .INFO domain is the go-to for any website looking to provide detailed and reliable information about any topic. $3.45/1st yr (84% off from $21.95).

FastComet .WORLD Domain Logo

If you have a global initiative or an organization with an international audience, the .WORLD domain is the perfect choice for your website. $2.45/1st yr (91% off from $27.95).

FastComet .VOYAGE Domain Logo

Especially aimed at travel bloggers and tour operators, the .VOYAGE domain will help your adventurous website stand out. $5.95/1st yr (86% off from $42.95).

FastComet .CRUISES Domain Logo

As the name suggests, the .CRUISES domain is the definitive choice for any cruise agencies or individuals exploring the high seas. $8.95/1st yr (80% off from $42.95).

FastComet .EVENTS Domain Logo

From local to worldwide, .EVENTS is designed to promote and organize any and all gatherings, conferences, conventions, etc. $8.95/1st yr (69% off from $28.95).

FastComet .FUN Domain Logo

The modern entertainers are streamers, Youtubers, meme makers and online comedians. .FUN is the perfect domain for entertainment and leisure sites. $2.95/1st yr (90% off from $27.95).

FastComet .LIFE Logo

Aimed towards anyone looking to start a personal blog, lifestyle brand or wellness website, the .LIFE domain will especially fit any of those. $2.45/1st yr (91% off from $27.95).

FastComet .PARTY Logo

From event organizers to party supplies stores, the .PARTY domain is a great choice for a domain to distinguish your website. $4.95/1st yr (79% off from $22.95).

That is not all, though. In addition to the ten domains from above, we are discounting five more domains during the second week of the month, and five different ones for the third week. This is what you can expect.

Since it is election year, it is a great time to start a news website or pledge your support with these domains. Additionally, the promotional prices for these domains are valid from June 10 to June 16, 2024.

  • .VOTE – $22.99/1st yr (66% off from $66.99).
  • .REPUBLICAN – $5.95/1st yr (79% off from $27.95).
  • .DEMOCRAT – $5.95/1st yr (79% off from $27.95).
  • .BLUE – $12.99/1st yr (24% off from $16.99).
  • .RED – $8.99/1st yr (47% off from $16.99).

Conversely, if the summer .holiday is all you are looking forward to, maybe reserve your .vacations .villas while still available! You can grab these domains at their discounted price from June 17 to June 23, 2024.

  • .VILLAS – $11.95/1st yr (70% off from $39.95).
  • .VENTURES – $11.95/1st yr (72% off from $42.95).
  • .VACATIONS – $5.95/1st yr (79% off from $27.95).
  • .TOURS – $5.95/1st yr (87% off from $45.95).
  • .HOLIDAY – $5.95/1st yr (87% off from $45.95).

Don’t Miss Out!

Just as June is only thirty days long, our offers for these special domains will not be permanent. You have the entire month of June to decide, but don’t delay! Summer months come and go quickly! Make sure you don’t miss out on this domains sale! Don’t hesitate to contact our 24/7 always-human support team via chat or ticket if you have any questions.


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