How to edit Pages and Widgets

Updated on Apr 12, 2017

The main part of creating a website in our Website Builder has to do with editing and adding pages as well as drag and dropping widgets and configuring them to your needs.

Firstly, let us access the Builder's dashboard by log into cPanel and navigating to the FastComet Website Builder icon. If you are not sure how to get in cPanel, please visit our "How to Access cPanel" tutorial.

Accessing the Website Builder via your cPanal

Considering that you have already chosen a theme, select the Pages option.

Locating the Pages menu inside the dashboard

Here, you can see all of the pages for your websites. In our case, we have only 5 pages, created by the Delicious theme which we have chosen in the previous tutorial. To edit the menu page, click on the edit icon corresponding to it. Here you can also directly view the page, clone the page and scrap the page.

Editing a static page in the website builder

Editor URL

While viewing or editing the page you will see the URL as This is due to the nature of the editor as you make all of the changes on that page directly on the builder's infrastructure. Once you click the publish button, that content will be pushed and be then accessible by the regular URL of your domain e.g -

Let us change the description of the Breakfast on our menu from the default text to something more appropriate. Double click on the text field to open the text edit options and change the text.

Editing a text element inside the Website Builder

You will also be able to style and format the text, change the font and size. This will also work on any other text field on the page like the available hours for breakfast or price. Also, notice the X icon next to your website URL. With it, you can completely remove the text field and the product's description. You can also change the URL and Page name by typing the once you want in the fields shows below

Changing page URL and removing widgets

Let us say, you have to also update the image for the breakfast package. Just click the existing image and you will see the image widget options.

Editing images using the FastComet Website Builder

This will open the media interface which you might be familiar with if you have used WordPress before. Simply add and select the new image and click Insert into page.

Selecting new media files for your website

To apply a certain style to the image, change the padding, border width or background image/color of the image, access the Style tab of the widget and click on Edit Element Style.

Changing the element style of a widget in the Site Builder

Make sure to hit the Update button and then the Publish button in order to apply the changes you have made.

Updating & Publishing

You always have to Update the page first before the Publish to get the changes applied. If you only hit the Publish button, you will publish the page in the state in which you have initially opened it for editing.

While there are more than 40 widgets on your disposal, you can still create a new website with just a few of the more basic widgets like text and image. Other widgets may have additional settings like URL fields and source audio attachments as well as entire menus with hierarchy and additional items inside.

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